Enlightened Entrepreneurship Vol. 1

Starting a small business can be exhilarating, stressful, and downright scary at times. BodeTree cofounder and CEO Christopher Myers has experienced it all. In this collection of essays, he shares his entrepreneurial ups and downs, what he learned from his mistakes, and how he expanded his company without “selling his soul.”

His stories illustrate simple solutions for managing a company with compassion while finding balance so you don’t go crazy. Three sections take you through all stages of enlightened entrepreneurship:


  • “Starting Your Business” teaches you how to grow a business and a brand.
  • “Scaling Your Business” delves into leadership, money management, and goal setting.
  • “Staying Sane” covers anxiety and depression related to business ownership and staying socially conscious in a cutthroat world.


The Enlightened Franchisee Vol. 1

The Enlightened Franchisee offers prospective franchise buyers a glimpse behind the curtain and shines a light on the insular world of franchising. Author Christopher Myers brings his characteristic wit and penchant for transparency to the book, helping readers understand not only franchise basics, but also the politics of the sales process.

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