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I’m Chris Myers, and I’m an entrepreneur, CEO, and writer.

For the past decade, I’ve been the co-founder and CEO of BodeTree, the vehicle for most of my misadventures.

The thing about BodeTree is that it has been a couple of different companies over the years.

We started as a SaaS provider that acted as a virtual CFO for small businesses. When that didn’t work out, we pivoted to focus on selling to banks, which white labeled our product for their customers.

That effort was pretty successful, and we sold that line of business in early 2018.

We kept the BodeTree name and much of the team and focused our attention on our franchising business. We bought a franchise sales company, and now we focus on three things: providing technology to help small business owners via franchisors, selling franchises, and investing in franchise concepts.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot (mostly the hard way). I’ve had the opportunity to share this knowledge through writing and TV appearances.

Before launching this blog, I was a writer for Forbes Magazine, where I had one of the most popular columns on Forbes.com. I’ve also written for The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Inc Magazine.

I’ve been a regular contributor on Fox Business and MSNBC and am the author of two books. I also gave a TED talk that was really just a platform for a very long and very subtle Fresh Prince of Bel-Air joke.

In 2017, I was inducted into the Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business Hall of Fame, much to the amusement (and amazement) of my peers and professors.

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